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national captioning institute >> business news from the capital region. th is "washington siness repo" with abc7 national correspondent rebecccca cooper. thank you for joining us. we appreciate you spending part of your holiday weekend with us. big business for retailers and restaurants that no halt to help you celebrate summmmer. coming up later in the show, pamela sorensen is here to talk about other places of making a buzz are right now in washington and jonathan allen from "politico." first, the business of the year and good food. if you have lived in washington
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for a long time, it is hard to believe that d.c. is one of the most exciting restaurants cities on the east coast. one restaurant is gting a lot of attention in chinatown. two others -- brandon skall of d.c. brau brewery and bill butcher of port city brewing in alexandria. you do not just play a chef on tv. tell us about your background. >> i have been cooking my whole life. i traveled around the east coast with some of the top chef in the country. i am working as an executive chef and that just opened my own place. >> looking at your biography in philadelphia and here, you build up your resonate wh many
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different kinds of cuisine. what made you decide to go back granma's food? >> i started thinking about where i was going to take my kids that would remind me of childhood. i s inspired to years ago. i have a lot of food and i have changed it up a bit and it evolved it. >> i have been outside the restaurant but i have noteen inside. it seems like a really cool and urban. >> you could definitely take your three kids. have pizza and pasta. growing up in italian familily, the pasta and meatballs are really big. living in the city, i wanted to
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condense everything so people could get the same experience. >> i want to come back to you in a bit about what chaenges you had about opening up the restaurant in the district. you have gotten in a lot of advanced press because you have become a television celebrity. has that helped busiss? has that distract from the food? >> debt has not distracted from the food. i am a chef, number one. >> you competed on tv and did quite well. >> i placed second in the all- star lineup. thank you. i feel like i am a winnener. >> you teamed up with a great restaurant in the frederick
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with another celebrity because of his time on tv. did that bring you to o get there? >> it was. we got along very well. we needed to do a place to get there. i was looking and looking and i said why don't we do something. and we did. it hped me to find at my restaurant. now we are up and running. it has been so positive for me. i am just soxcited. >> i want to turn to our beer guys. we did not realize that both of your peers are being served at the restaurant as they are at a lot of different places. brandon skskall and bill butcher d.c. did not have any local breweries. brandon, you had some problems with the district government. you wanted to do tastings. >> we did have some problems,
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but we worked with the government and it really got down to making it happen. the gogovernment was very eager to work with us and come to a resolution in a way that would help our business. one of the biggest aspects i see of visiting a brewery ito be able to taste the beer. bill does it out in alexandria and we wanted to do it ourselves in washington, d.c. people are going to want to come out and see it and taste of beer. we had to get a lawyer, we had to write the bill and introduce it at city council, we had too have a hearing and testified to see if there was any descend toward it. in the end everybody understood what we were trying to do. >> when you think about d.c., you have this huge 7000 square
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foot production space. >> we are in and northeast in the fort lincoln area. >> do you look back on it and think he would not open a business in the district of columbia? >> not at all. i think it was a good experience. there are always challenges that you have to deal with before us, doing it in the district was more of a calling that a business decision. a quick use it if you felt like it was a call and but you wanted to -- >> you felt like it was a calling but you wanted to do it in the city. >> it is a city that is still based on p politics. beer is one of the things that brings people together. >> i want to get to bill. bill this was a calling for you for many different reasons.
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you started off as a wine guy. >> i worked for a family in the napa valley for 12 years. i have always liked a good beer. i have watched the craft beer business become more and more like the wine busienss. >> do you find the truth of dc? >> a very much so. we have great restaurants in the city and ithis region. you can buy the greatest wines of the world. one of the things that was missing was a great local beer. >> we are going to come back to you guys. we are going to take a sip and come back after the break.
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>> we are back with our guests talking about bier and restaurants in the washington area. you said that -- i like an article that i read about you. you said port city brewing grew out of -- you went from wine to a staye at home dad. how did that lead to this business? it could not be friendly with the hours. >> my wife and i had small kids at home and her job required a
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lot of trouble as it did mine. with small kids at home, we found that something had to give. we decided that she would commute to work and that would take care of the kids at home which gave me time to do some research and figure out what was next for me. >> you sat at home drinking beer questione? he went all over the place. you pick alexandria. they were great inerms of the samplings that you do, but now you are having some troubles with parking. >> it is been great. alexandria has been very supportive. the mayor is a a fan of our brewery. even during the construction process, they were very supportive. i found that the people in the
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city undnderstood the potential benefit of havingg a regional brewery and the city of alexandria for people to come visit and promote tourism. you were shopping > you we shopping for financing in it 2008 and you turned to nonot only the banks but frfriends and family. you say that is good for business because they care about what happens for the business. >> it was going to be a small business administration loan, a bank loan, and our own resources. the fami approached us.s. families whose kids played on my kids soccer teams and they approached me and i thought that a brewery was a good idea and it wanted to get involved. >> for financing, did it help that you were a television star? >> it did help.
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people feel a lot sicker when you are on national tv to attract -- people feel a lot safer when you are on national tv to attract more people. it has opened up a ton of doors for me. you have to take some risks in life sometetimes >> a similar story to bill. frnds and fily played a huge part. nobody was going t give two crazy kids enough money to open a brewery. >> you are the guys -- we have crossed a new path. >> we like breakingng stereotypes. >> what are you most proud of? >> it is hard to say because when we see the way the beers are received and to have a product from washington, d.c. -- there are very few products
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manufactured in washington, d.c. >> they are available in grocery stores. >> we are not able to produce enough beer. all the restaurants are taking it all up. >> are you in any grocery stores? >> all of the whole foods stores and giant stores as well. >> r right now i am a little busy right now. >> thank you for reminding me. look at this menu that you have going. do you think d.c. has a palette for this food? i do not even know what that is. i used to a waitress at red sage and people used to say hold
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the pepper. is there a pallet for this food? >> yes 100%. > good beer to go along with it. thank you guys. we appreciate it. coming up, the roundtable with pamela sorensen and jonathan allen. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to vizizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. want to save even more? call now and we'll add over 60 premium channels including showtime, starz, epix, and more for 12 months. fios is a 100% fiber optic network.
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>> we have been talking about breeze and restaurants that are getting noticed but we had to bring in some professional help. pamela sorensen, author of and to help us figure out which lawmakers are going going, and maybe gone, jonathan allen one of our favorites from "politico ." i have banned nicknaming you the buzz kill today. let's start with the bz. we talked to ththree people in town getting a lot of attention. tell us about some of the hot new places. >> i was speaking with some folks over at destination d.c. about all of these restaururants. i get a media press release
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every single week of a new rerestaurant about 52 restaurants a year replacing some of the other ones. >> which is great for these tough times. >> some of the interesting restaurants coming here and opening are based in new york. serendipity. >> all kinds of places that want to try. destination d.c. has launched a nenew campaign to talk about all of the things going on all around d.c. the other thing i learned from you is we have become such a hot food destination is we are getting a huge event that brings in at 30,000 different vendors. >> 30,000 people and $28 million for the city,y, july 10 through the 12.
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it is not only going to bring in people professionals but a vendors as well. it is all about new food and international food. >> what is not so exciting is the possibibility of another government shut down. you asked during the break if we have a seven-second delay making a joke about a friend of ours who got banned from msnbc. tell us in as clean a language as you can what is going to happen. >> we on are really facing a government shutdown so much as a default on the nation's debt. tim geithner said if congress does notot act by august 2 the nation defaults. >> and they were concerned it would lead to a shutdown if the government decides they cannot come to an agreement. >> you will see some functions
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of the government shut down a little bit. i think what you really have going on here is a much, much bigger issue -- >> is not all about us? >> what you will likely see happen is a short-term fix before there is a big deal. >> letet me look at the latest numbers. before, we were told we were past the deadline, and secretary tim geithner said the real deadline is august 2. now, this week, the white house is saying the real deadline is july 22 because we need time to write the legislation after it passes. which is it? >> this is sort of like -- i am going to count to 3, 4 5 6 and the 7. >> you made me nervous talking about the president and his daughters. >> at any rate, at some point
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it becomes a problem. >> you get the sense that congress is taking an august 2 deadline pretty seriously. >> i think the way to look at this is the president has the most riding on this because if the economy falters, he is going to be bearing the brunt of that politically. congress has a lot of leverage right now. yosaw the big press conference the other day whe he basically told republicans that they play ball like girls. it is a t up for -- he really does not have much of a choice. >> here are some of theuotes from republicans t this week. "maybe he should just take a
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valium and calm down." "he has been awol on this issue ." >>we saw clinton going up there and talking to newt gingrich and all the people in the room. is it that he does not want to dirty h hands? >> may be a bit beneath him to do the underbrush clearing. members of congress like their power and prerogatives. some of politics is battling people. i think the memessage is you have to work harder on their bedside manner. it is important but washington runs on relationships. but right now it is not running at all. a part of the problem is if there are no relationships between president obama and mitch mcconnell board john
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boehner. they really do not get along well. >> pamela sorensen, now we have a lot of members of congress who are going to go to their fourth of july parades and then go back washington. and what other options and next week? -- what are their options next week? >> there are so many things. one of my favorite places is venturing to capitolill. >> i want to point out what marcus told me. they can go catch a movie "transformers 3." >> what is it like to play a reporter in the movie as opposed to one on television? i hope i did it to some degree of realism. michael bay was not happy with
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the help that he got in d.c. but i still got to k keep my part and it was a lot of fun. go see "transformers" in the theaters now. it is always fun having do with it one more item of business when we come worker #1: over 8,000
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